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The "rustle of the olive grove has something very secret in it, and immensely old."      Vincent Van Gogh


Through the month of August, buy any 2018 Olive Oil Jones oil and we’ll include its 2017 sister, free of charge in your shipment. 

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2017 Priego de Cordoba D.O. / Full liter / $25

2017 Priego de Cordoba D.O. / Full liter / $25


This remarkable olive oil is our STRONGEST. It is lusty, bitter, peppery and billowing with fragrance. It stands as the dipping and finishing oil of our dreams. It is not for the faint of palate!

Olive trees stippled across rolling hills as far as the eye can see in every direction, the occasional village or finca (ranch house and outbuildings) the only interruption. Here, mere miles southeast of the magnificent Cordoba, and even closer to Jaén, are pockets of supernatural, magical groves that, unless one knows the biz and in-crowd culture of Andalucian olive oil, one would not have a clue that olive oil of this magnitude exists. Jaime Hinojosa Perez harvests and mills his olives when they just begin to fade from green to beige for his and our fanatical reasons — the resultant olive oil is as fresh-tasting, spicy and high in polyphenols as we insist olive oil be. The manner in which his three different cultivars’ trees were planted and are tended and stripped combines the hojiblanca (for vegetable nuances), the picual (for peppery spiciness), and the arbequina (for nutty balance). A finishing oil if there ever was one, for drizzling and dribbling, for basting and sautéing. 

A ‘priego’ is a prayer. The Priego de Cordoba is a town and municipality of Andalusia (spelled with an ’s’ in English) in the extreme southeast of the province of Cordoba near the headwaters of the Guadajoz River, and on the north slope of the Sierra de Priego. The church ruins date back to the 11th C. Moors (Muslims) and Christians (Catholics) came, stayed, left, returned…. The entire economy here is based on olive oil. Olive oils with the formal Spanish designation Priego de Cordoba have won top prizes including ‘Best Olive Oil In The World’ (2014, 2015, 2016)

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Hojiblanca for vegetal nuance, picual for peppery spiciness, arbequina for nutty balance. Our tricultivar offers high levels of anti-oxidants.