Our seven olive oils are not like olive oil sold in retail stores and on other websites.

Olive Oil Jones olive oils are living, breathing, fresher, exuberant, billowing with fragrance and flavor. Olive oils offered in retail stores and on the internet are mostly ill-chosen and unexceptional and they have likely been cooped up in bottles and tins for months on end; oxidized, stale, old and even musty.

You will not find olive oil of our quality at our prices either online or in stores. 

Olive Oil Jones olive oils and vinegars have been chosen by a passionate professional of long-standing. Our oils represent a distillation of thirty years of olive oil travel, experience and importing. Olive Oil Jones provides you with the grandest olive oil in the world, oils not available to you from any other source. That is because we import our oils in huge barrels. Our oils are as fresh as the day they were milled from olives that were green. This makes all the difference in the world, and it’s the reason Olive Oil Jones olive oils and vinegars are simply vastly superior to any others.

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Olive oil confers on the simplest dish a delicious flavor. This cannot be said of vegetable oils, however healthy.
— Patience Gray ‘Honey From A Weed’