About Olive Oil Jones

Painting by Eric Karpeles

Painting by Eric Karpeles



Our olive oils are not like those countless brands sold in retail stores and on other websites. 

Olive Oil Jones imports huge barrels of living, breathing, geographically specific olive oils that are fresh, exuberant and billowing with fragrance and flavor. None of our olive oil is put into a bottle until a customer orders it. All seven of our olive oils are unfiltered at our request. This is not necessarily easy for our longtime millers who must allow our barrels of unfiltered olive oil to ‘decant’, that is, settle. A decant takes time. Time is money.

Olive oils sold in retail stores and on the internet are usually ill-chosen and unexceptional. They have likely been cooped up in bottles and tins for months and months on end oxidized, stale, old, musty, fusty as they sit on shelves under harsh lights in varying temperatures.

Olive Oil Jones olive oils are all strictly EARLY-HARVEST olive oils, derived from olives that were green, and gently harvested then mulched and centrifuged within hours of their harvest. Our customers can immediately smell and taste the difference once they’ve tried our olive oils.

Olive Oil Jones olive oils are coveted because of their fragrance, their spiciness, their incipient slight bitterness that makes professional tasters cough when it reaches the back of their throat. It is this spiciness and bitterness upon which Olive Oil Jones was built. They are the reason to seek out our oils and satisfy your desire for the best, freshest olive oil being sold today.

The slight bitterness and the peppery spiciness of Olive Oil Jones olive oils are due to the early-harvest phenols, measurable levels of which are super-high at this early stage of an olive’s ripeness. These levels drop like a rock within a week of the early harvest season. When this happens, and it happens according to the color of the the olive — when the green olive fades to beige and then pink, and then brown, purple and, eek, black — the resultant olive oil is referred to as ‘sweet’.

99% of all olive oil consumers in the world know nothing but ‘sweet’ olive oil, and that is, in Olive Oil Jones’ opinion, a scandal of incredible proportion.

Because, why? Because, unless an olive oil has that early-harvest spiciness and a slight bitterness, it is an oil that cannot provide the immense flavor boost, cannot amplify flavors in the ingredients it has been combined with, to be cooked or dressed with. That’s the truth. Olive oils from ripe olives do nothing for food except make it smell like olives. It lies upon food like a side of lox, serving merely to grease things up.

Add to that the fact that late-harvest olive oils from ripe olives have none of the immense health benefits for which olive oil is given so much adulation, credit, validation and study; the polyphenols are gone.

Olive Oil Jones olive oils and vinegars have been chosen by a passionate professional.  They represent a distillation of thirty-plus years of olive oil travel, experience and importing.  Olive Oil Jones provides you with the grandest olive oil in the world, oils not available to you from any other source.  Our oils are as fresh as the day they were milled from olives that were green.

Our customers want pristine oils from early harvests that not only smell and taste sublime, but also deliver all the health benefits the scientific and medical societies have been touting for ages.  

I could eat bloody Elvis - if you put enough vinegar on him.
— Anthony Bourdain